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About Us:

For over 20 years S.A.SAGUY Ltd. is representing  leading European and US technology companies.


We are serving  the Israeli advanced industries  ; aerospace,  medical, military, machinery,  and other precision industries, supplying technical products, custom made or catalog items, supporting  development , manufacturing and maintenance stage. 


Our supplaiers are first class companies meeting highly demanding standards.


We have a long experience in supporting  projects from R&D stage to mass productions.


Our product range includes:

Metal Wires from wide range of materials as Stainless Steel wires, Nitinol wires, cables, strands, HHS tubes. Metal tubes: Stainless Steel tubes, Nitinol Tubes and other material from stock and production. Hollow bars, rods, sheets and strips. Custom made needles. Precision parts, shocks Absorbers and more.   


We are eager to receive your requirements. 

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