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Catheter Shaft 

Development and manufacturing of Catheters, Access Sheaths, Balloons Catheters, Valve Delivery Systems, and Stent Delivery Systems.


Based in Galway, Ireland’s Medical device hub, ICS Medical Devices is centrally located to serve the medical device industry globally.

The ICS Medical Devices team are experienced engineers who combine industry knowledge, business acumen and innovative engineering techniques. Our Engineers are tooled with leading technology to support our customers’ catheter design, development, prototyping and manufacturing requirements.

Assembly Technology

  • Braiding

  • Coiling

  • Reflow

  • Laser Welding

  • Thermal Bonding, Adhesive Bonding

  • Testing

  • Packaging & Pouch Sealing

  • Cleanroom Class 8

ICS ISO13485 certified Quality Management System is in place to ensure that our customers' requirements are achieved in a collaborative way to the highest of standards. ICS Medical Devices' Quality professionals have extensive knowledge in the application of standards across medical device development and manufacturing, and we have broad experience in product design including design control and design assurance for medical devices.


Full System Support

  • Full service and solution

  • Shaft + Handle + Accessories + Packaging = System.

  • Internal 3D modelling and RP capability.

  • Supply chain extends to local moulding & overmoulding capability when required at manufacturing stages.

  • Packaging Design, supply chain, packaging testing.

  • Testing and evaluation on full solution

  • Interaction between each of the handle and the shaft performances are
    fully understood and defined together.
    Proven Process:



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