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High Voltage Asics (Up to 750V)

TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors offer design services and manufacturing process for High Voltage Asics up to 750V



TFSMART2 is a 0.35m BCDMOS technology platform combining lateral bipolar, 3.3V CMOS logic and high voltage LDMOS device components on SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator). The platform features a broad range of high and medium voltage devices from low on-resistance 25V devices to high voltage options of 100 to 200V together with 3.3V and 5.0V CMOS logic. Fully isolated device components and small feature sizes enable high integration density and high performance. TFSMART2 technology offers an attractive platform for a wide variety of analog/mixed-signal, telecommunication and power management applications from consumer appliances to automotive and industrial.



TFBCD080-HV is a 0.8m super voltage BCDMOS technology platform which integrates bipolar, 5V CMOS logic and high voltage LDMOS device components. TFBCD080-HV platform features a broad range of device portfolio from low resistance 20V devices, medium-range of 50V-65V and high/ultra-high options of 200V and 700V. The high voltage capability, which is planned to be extended to 900V, offers a distinguishing high side well isolation and high integration density. Low on-resistance power devices, a wide variety of active/passive device elements and a cost effective process flow makes the TFBCD080-HV an attractive choice for various smart-power and power management IC applications. 


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